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Center Based Activites
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An important part of any school is to have activities that foster the children's education. Here are some examples of the children enjoying each center.

The School Day

Our Program is a center based program. Each day your child's class will move from center to center with the same teacher and children throughout the day. All children are given the opportunity to utilize the equipment and materials available in each center (there is approximately 30 minutes spent in each center).


Fine Motor
In this center, the children will use their fine motor skills to button, lace, snap, zipper. Large and small puzzles are used along with sorting color games. We have two computers which allows the children to work independently. All learning CD's are age appropriate. Group games with the Teacher are also incorporated in this center. This will help the children to follow directions and allow them to sit in a group setting. The Teacher also utilizes this center to observe their students, this will prepare them for parent/teacher conferences held in February.


Reading/writing center
Here books are shared and activities such as Show & Tell, flannel board stories, weather, calendar and days of the week. Materials will be presented to strengthen fine motor skills. The children will be writing in their journals everyday, if time permits. Letters of the alphabet, numbers and writing their names are our goal. 


Arts & Crafts

Small motor skills will be developed through activities that allow for cutting, pasting, coloring, writing and painting. Free playtime in this room will include, play dough, free coloring, drawing and a collage of crafts. Our curriculum is incorporated into this center. Alphabet, numbers, colors and themes for each month.



Music & Movement
The children will have the opportunity to express themselves through Music & Movement. Gross Motor skills will be developed. We have several CD's for moving, singing and exercising. The curriculum will be incorporated into this center. Learning games will be addressed such as; letters, shapes, colors & numbers (this center is an alternate with science).



In this center, the children will have the opportunity to learn, explore, experiment, discover, create invent, self-express, interact and play. This center will involve dramatic play, kitchen area, blocks, dolls, reading corner and trucks.



The children will go out to play when the weather permits. They will learn to develop their gross motor skills. Children will be encouraged to climb up cubes and go down slides. Throwing and catching a ball, active games such as the parachute will be initiated here. Bubbles will be brought out to the playground, chalk and other exciting fun games.

Science Center

Our science center goes by units. Each month we will specialize in a different activity. For example, Dinosaurs, Rain Forest, Nighttime sky, Magnets, winter, ocean life, etc....  This center is all hands on. The children will get to enjoy all science materials. Lots of exploring goes on in this center.

Contact us anytime if you have any questions regarding our centers.